冻梨网熟能生巧作文(熟能生巧 (英文小作文))

熟能生巧作文(熟能生巧 (英文小作文))

熟能生巧作文(熟能生巧 (英文小作文))

I believe that practice makes perfect. Nobody was born to know everything or to be perfect at everything.


I grew up in Lang Ping, China, a small rural town located by a large lake. When I was a child, I did not know why the kids in my neighborhood were able to solve math problems so quickly, read so well, or even have beautiful handwriting. At times, I am worried about my life and about going to school. I was afraid that every student would do much better than I did. I felt stupid because there were things that everyone did better than me. I would ask them how they did it and they would answer that “practice makes perfect.”


I really did not believe it until I entered first grade. During the first couple of months, the teacher taught us English and Mathematics. Many of us were confused. Some of us couldn’t even memorize the alphabet. However, the teacher was very patient and told us not to worry and that we just had to practice more.


After several months, I memorized all the letters of the alphabet, and I was able to solve additional problems after some hard practice. It was then that I began to believe that practice makes perfect. I started to spend more time practicing tasks such as solving math problems that I found difficult, hoping to one day become “perfect.”


When I was 10 years old, my life drastically changed: my family emigrated to Brazil. Then I had to study in another country with a language that was completely different from Mandarin. At first, I had a really hard time, and many times I wanted to give up. I couldn’t understand what everyone was saying, and I felt that I was wasting my time there. However, my mother and my friends in China reminded me that “practice makes perfect,” and they encouraged me to keep striving. They reassured me that anything was possible. As long as I spent time working towards my goals, I would see the seed that I had planted would bear beautiful fruit.


With everyone’s support, I worked hard and learned Portuguese. In school, I tried to make more friends and communicated with them as much as I could. After school, I would hang out with them and watch Portuguese TV shows. I also spent twice as much time as them studying. Slowly, my Portuguese improved, and I was able to follow the lessons being taught. My grades in school have improved. I was so proud of myself with the results. It made me realize that if I worked hard and spent the time working on something, I would get a good result.


I know there will be many difficult tasks that I will encounter in the future, and I probably won’t do well at first. However, I will not be afraid百思特网 to face these challenges nor will I give up on them. If I feel that something is hard, I know that I must work hard because “practice makes perfect.”


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